Food as Medicine // Watermelon


Watermelon, Xi Gua, has long been used as medicine, in both the East and West. According to the Chinese Medicine Materia Medica, watermelon fruit is sweet and cold and generates fluids. It specifically treats what we call summer-heat, which has symptoms similar to sunstroke.

It clears heat that’s stuck in the energetic pathways of the stomach, heart, and urinary bladder, and also has detoxifying effects on the liver. Traditionally it’s been used for inflammatory conditions of the liver, such as hepatitis and jaundice.

In high temperatures like we have in Los Angeles this weekend, it can be pretty easy to over do it on fruit. It loses it’s therapeutic effects if you go overboard, so stick to one cup of fresh watermelon or watermelon juice. That’ll be sufficient to re-hydrate and cool you down.