Listening to Our Bodies


The pesky symptoms that keep interrupting our busy lives can be seen as a gentle taps that remind us to listen. To our bodies. To our aches and pains. To our fatigue. To our energetic highs and lows. To our digestive upsets. To the way we react to the stresses of everyday life. To all the tiny alarms that can be regarded as gifts rather than burdens. When we allow ourselves to slow down enough to recognize where the imbalance lies, we can make the necessary shifts to bring ourselves back to an optimal state of health.

It’s inconvenient to feel unwell. We have jobs to do, rent to pay, businesses to grow, people to connect with, and about a million and one other things. That’s why popping an ibuprofen or having that extra shot of espresso so we can tackle ten more tasks often seems like the most sensible choice. But if we can shift our thought process in a way that allows us to wake up to what we’re feeling rather than put it to sleep, we can give our bodies what they need before the gentle taps become aggressive shoves.

Things like aches, pain, digestive upsets, headaches, fatigue, energy crashes, poor sleep, appetite changes, anxiety, mood swings, depression, irregular periods can all be signs that something needs to change within us. Something about the way we are currently living our lives is somehow out of balance.

One of the guiding principles of acupuncture is that you already have within you everything you need to be well. Acupuncture doesn’t add or subtract anything. Rather, it directs the body to do what it does best- to heal what may be broken and bring harmony back to areas of imbalance.

The first step in recognizing these taps is self awareness. Acupuncture slows you down enough to allow you to get in touch with how you’re feeling, both physically and emotionally. It’s not uncommon to have a sort of emotional release after an acupuncture treatment. This happens for a variety of reasons, all beneficial, and being more self aware is one of them. From that self awareness, you can take an inventory of what areas of your life may be contributing to repeated symptoms of discomfort, whatever they may be for you.