Nutrition Spotlight

Spotlight On: Foods to help keep you healthy this flu season.

We’ve officially entered flu season, which means self care is more important than ever. Prevention is key in keeping sickness away, whether it’s something acute like the flu or a cold, or something more chronic. There are countless ways to keep yourself healthy, but an easy and accessible way is through diet and nutrition. It’s often forgotten that food isn’t just there to feed our appetites. The food we eat nourishes our cells, muscles, blood, and brain. When you think of it that way, do you really want those things being fueled by processed foods?

Stay healthy this season by incorporating these foods into your diet.


Actions: regenerates body fluids, quenches thirst, calms anxiety, relieves restlessness, lubricates the lungs, clears heat and detoxifies, lubricates the throat, dissolves mucus, helps stop cough.

Good for: cough with yellow phlegm, excess mucus, dry throat, hoarse voice, constipation, irritability, difficult urination.

Home remedies:

Cough and Bronchitis: core the pear and steam it.

Acute voice loss: core and peel 2-3 pears, juice, adding 2 teaspoons of raw honey

Nausea and Indigestion: core the pear and insert a teaspoon of cloves. Steam the pear with the cloves. Remove the cloves and eat the pear.

Green Onions

Actions: resolves phlegm, promotes sweating and diuresis.

Good for: common cold, acute or chronic sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, allergies, difficult urination.

Home remedies:

Common cold: Make tea with chopped green onion and fresh ginger.

Dandelion Greens

Actions: detoxifies, benefits liver function, promotes the flow of bile, acts as a diuretic.

Good for: insect bites, conjunctivitis (pink eye), irritability, and early stages of common cold.

Home remedies:

Common cold: make tea with fresh dandelion, mint, and licorice.

Conjunctivitis and irritability : make tea with fresh dandelion and burdock root.


Actions: lubricates the lungs, resolves mucus, increases the appetite and quenches thirst, good for boosting digestion.

Home remedies:  For mucus that feels stuck and is difficult to expectorate, make a tea with the orange peel. Preferably an organic peel that hasn’t been sprayed.

A couple other things you can add in are soups, bone broth, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and winter squash. By nourishing yourself with these seasonably appropriate foods, you are keeping your system strong and ready to fight off anything that may come around during these next couple months. So sleep well, stay warm, and don’t overexert yourself. With winter quickly approaching, a relative hibernation is in order.


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