Services, Pricing, and Insurance Capabilities


acupuncture-initial consultation + treatment

90 minutes-$125

Your first visit will include a detailed look at your health history, current chief complaints, and diet and lifestyle patterns. Based on that, we'll come up with an individualized treatment plan that will include acupuncture and if necessary other modalities such as cupping or herbal medicine.



1 hour-$75

We'll work off of the previous treatment and discuss your progress. As your symptoms change we'll adjust your treatment and herbal medicine as needed. 


initial herbal consultation / One Hour-$125

Follow-UP Herbal Consultation / 30 minutes- $75

If you'd prefer to skip the needles and seek herbs or supplements instead, I offer a consultation that includes a look into your current chief complaint(s) as well as a brief look at your health history, lifestyle, and diet. From there, we'll find an herbal formula that'll fit your needs. Please note: the cost of the consultation does not include herbs.


fire cupping (established patients only)

30 minutes-$40

This technique uses suction created by heated glass cups to jumpstart the immune system and to activate the body’s natural process of detoxification. It’s commonly used for musculoskeletal pain and for common cold and upper respiratory conditions. It also has the benefit of calming the nervous system and reducing stress.


Community Acupuncture

1 hour-$30

Held on the first Sunday of each month, from 4-8pm. Perfect for both first-timers and acupuncture vets, these treatments are done in a community setting at a lower payment rate. My goal is to make this incredible medicine accessible to everyone, regardless of your financial situation.

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Insurance Coverage

Acupuncture is one of four Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities covered under the Affordable Care Act in the state of California.

Orthopedic pain is the most commonly covered condition by most insurance plans, but will need to be verified by your insurance company on an individual basis.

Kaylie is in-network with the following health plan:

Blue Shield (PPO)

 For other plans that cover acupuncture services, Kaylie can either bill as an out-of-network provider or provide you with a super-bill for patient reimbursement.

If you'd like to have your individual acupuncture benefits verified, you may click on the button below to enter your information into a secure network to be verified. We will get back to you once we have that information, which is generally 2-4 business days.