This 30-page zine is a holistic guide to the menstrual cycle and how to find balance through each phase.

As someone who specializes in women’s health, one of the cycles I talk about a lot is the menstrual cycle. In the same vein, it’s also one of the cycles that the average person may not know much about. Not to fault anyone, but the education has never been there; not when we were kids or teens or even as we grew into adults. It’s only recently that the conversation has begun to shift away from hormonal birth control as a solution to everything period related, and into education and empowerment. 

 That’s where the inspiration for this ‘zine came from. Sometimes the information we want is ours to seek out on our own, and then we can empower others with what we learn.  This ‘zine includes:

  •  A breakdown of the four phases of the menstrual cycle from both a Western perspective and an Eastern perspective

  •  How yin and yang play a major role in our reproductive bodies

  •  Herbal allies for each part of your cycle

  •  How to pinpoint which part of your cycle may be out of balance

  •  How and why your energy shifts throughout your cycle and what you can do to support it

  • DIY herbal infusions

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