A Seasonal Wellness Guide Based on the Principles of Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements.

Each one of us is an embodiment of the universe that surrounds us. The external rhythms and cycles that guide the seasons are also present within us if we choose to get quiet and listen. When we listen to the cues and energetic shifts of one season, we are preparing for a smooth transition into the next, and then into the next, and so on and so forth.

This 40-page book serves as a teacher, helping you to utilize the energy that each season has to offer, based on Daoist tradition, yin/yang theory, and the five elements. There are do-it-yourself herbal remedies to ignite an already established plant medicine affair, or to inspire one from scratch. These recipes can be used any time of year for the symptoms or conditions they treat. You'll also find self-inquiry exercises, meditations, lifestyle recommendations, and more to help you along your path.

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