Immune + Qi Boosting Raw Cacao Truffles

These medicinal treats are super simple, delicious, and packed with adaptogenic powerhouses, Chaga and Cordyceps. Both herbs are known for their immune-boosting, spirit calming, and longevity promoting capabilities. What is an adaptogen anyway? Adaptogens are a small category of herbs…

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The Element of Expansion: Wood

The organs associated with the wood element are the liver and gallbladder. In traditional Chinese medicine, the functions of these organs go far beyond the purely physiological characteristics that we are familiar with in the west,  and equally embrace the…

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In the Moment for the Moment

I write about this topic with passion because it’s something I’ve struggled with for as far back as I can remember. I’ve joked in the past about being a bit mentally overstimulated, but it’s true. My mind, like many others,…

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7 Ways to Naturally Boost Immunity

I’ll start by saying that like most things in mainstream medicine, there’s a time and a place for the flu shot. However, the majority of people don’t need it come October. We know that as the days become shorter and…

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Never Stop Being Curious

I think I came out of the womb asking questions. My curiosity was never lacking. I loved knowing how things worked and why they worked the way they did. That’s one of the reasons why I got into the field…

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Listening to Our Bodies

The pesky symptoms that keep interrupting our busy lives can be seen as a gentle taps that remind us to listen. To our bodies. To our aches and pains. To our fatigue. To our energetic highs and lows. To our…

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Food as Medicine // Watermelon

Watermelon, Xi Gua, has long been used as medicine, in both the East and West. According to the Chinese Medicine Materia Medica, watermelon fruit is sweet and cold and generates fluids. It specifically treats what we call summer-heat, which has…

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